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Check out our gallery to see our most prominent works from lightbox displays, backdrops, booths and more!
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You can order our products through our online store, by phone, or by email. To see all our products full details click the link below.

Our Products

A 3D model of our modular displays, used to demonstrate the shelving offered.
3D render of AE frame 8, features a graphic of a construction worker
3D render of AE frame 10, features a graphic of a grand opening

Modular Displays

Portable Displays

LED Lightbox

A booth where you can mix and match the components to fit your needs best, with our variety of modular displays and components you can make anything.

Simple to put transport, together and take apart. Take your booth to the next level with our portable displays, we have a wide selection to choose from.

Our lightboxes feature Silicon Edge Graphic fabric to create a smooth minimalistic finish that can easily be replaced when needed.

Custom Booths

Lumi Ceiling

Signage and Backgrounds

Custom exhibition booths are how you make your brand unique and stand-out in a crowd. Work with our team to create a booth that fits your needs.

Just like our lightboxes, our Lumi Ceiling products can brighten any space while being just as lightweight and minimalistic. Elevate your space with our selection.

From flags to banner stands, table throws, tents, backdrops and more. We have everything for your signage needs, keep it simple and sleek.

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Event Management

Exhibit Design

We create the products ourselves, so know that you’re in good hands when it comes to custom made and standard products as we quality check everything.

From planning the logistics of your design, managing all the components, to installation and dismantlement. We’ll make a plan and have the show run smoothly.

We work with our clients to create custom designs that fit their needs, while also designing a line of products for the average consumer.

Installation & Dismantlement



We help install larger projects on site, and can teach you how to install and dismantle our simpler products.

We can ship to various places within Canada and US.

Everything from frames and lightboxes to display furniture, shelving, spotlights, tv monitors, cabinets and more.

A sneak preview of our gallery

To view more of our work go to our gallery page and see the rest of our products and custom designs in action!

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For a full view of all our products look at our online store. Contact us via email or telephone if you have any questions, we’d love to make your next tradeshow or event spectacular!