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LED Lightboxes

The LED Lightbox line features products with an aluminum extruded frame with a clean, sophisticated look that utilizes fabric graphics and illuminated with bright, latticework LEDs that are ULC certified. Available in a multitude of sizes, this particular model can be used both freestanding or hung from a ceiling to enhance the look of your space.


Single or Double sided, we can do both and more! Custom made to fit your graphic and space. Our products come in standard sizes however upon consultation we can create custom frames for you with profile ranging from 1″ to 6″.


Please see below some ways in which our lightboxes can be utilized, whether for it to be a backdrop for your next event or signage that brightens up your space.

Tradeshow Displays

Tradeshow Displays (also known as Modular Displays) take high-impact, large format fabric displays beyond the next step from a pop-up or panel portable display. It will maximize your graphic presentation while minimizing the appearance of the aluminum frame by using silicone edge graphic design. Our modular displays will easily pack into crates and our specially molded shipping cases. The price is significantly more affordable than a traditional custom exhibit and you get modular flexibility, solid lightweight construction, and easy assembly and dismantlement.


Our displays use various components to make them stand out and go beyond just your regular portable display. While our components have standard sizing the customization options are endless. Mix and match components to create the booth you desire. Components can include walls, lightboxes, shelves, ceiling, cabinet, and tables. Items such as chairs and other portable furniture including spotlights can be rented or purchased.


There are a variety of combinations, please scroll through our gallery to view some previous projects and their layouts.

Lumi Ceiling

Our next exciting product – the Lumi Ceiling!  Simple and sophisticated, Lumi Ceiling is great for showrooms, lobbies and offices.  Used to highlight products on display, brighten up the room or to bring a soothing and calm atmosphere to your workspace, Lumi Ceiling is customizable in multiple ways allowing you to fit the needs of the space you’re putting this ceiling lightbox in.


Customizable from size, to LED type and temperatures, mounting and more!

Other Products

Signs, Banners, Accessories and more

Portable Displays

Our portable displays also known as SOHO frames are quick, easy to put together and can be assembled in minutes with individually and intuitively labeled parts.
SOHO units are available in a variety of stylish shapes and sizes to suit your individual needs and preferences.

AE Frame Systems

Lightweight and compact aluminum displays, the efficient design allows for easy set up in minutes without any tools! The silicon edge graphics present a sharp and modern look and allows for easy installation and replacement. Perfect for backdrops at events and presentations.

Wall Frames

Our wall frames come in a variety of sizes, utilizing our AE Frame and lightbox systems we can create a sleek, modern, frameless look that blends into every environment. Whether to brighten up your space or add a bit of flare.

Banner Stands

Slim, light weight, quick, and easy to set up, roll-up banner stands are excellent for signage and traveling booths.
Roll away graphics are printed on curl resistant material stored in an interchangeable and compact base. A soft travel bag is included with every unit.


Flags are a unique and stylish way of adding a bit of flare to your displays. Light as well as aesthetically pleasing, flags make for excellent displays both indoors and outdoors. These portable flag options are lightweight and easy to set up in minutes. Water resistant flag material using dye sublimation inks ensure long lasting durability.


The 10×10 pop up tent frame accommodates full color custom printed canopy graphics including the top, walls and side skirts. The lightweight rust proof frame is easy to set up in minutes, using velcro tabs to attach the graphics. This weather resistant canopy option is a great portable solution for your next outdoor event.

Hanging Signs

Hanging signs are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Hanging signs utilize pillowcase style graphics with easy zippered set up on premium quality dye sublimation printed fabric.
Single and double sided print options are available.

Table Tops & Throws

Tabletops are small, portable and stylish solutions for miniature backdrops for all your promotional displays and media.

Portable Counters

Custom made fabric counters provide excellent display and storage solutions for booths and events. Lightweight yet sturdy and easy to assemble, available in various models.


Ranging from spotlights, stands, cases and more.

Our booth accessories can add some additional flare to your booth.

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